School Development Plan


SDP Priorities 2017 – 2018


Target 1

  • Teaching and Learning priorities to include:
  1. FAR marking
  2. Development of oracy and literacy
  3. Homework

Target 2

  • Review of curriculum provision and staffing in all key stages to meet the needs of all abilities

Target 3

  • Further develop the strategy to enhance the progress and attendance of vulnerable and pupil premium students

Target 4

  • Promotion of a culture of risk taking, curiosity and competition to develop greater resilience in students

Target 5

  • Develop CPD and resources for staff and share best practice within the school and externally as a Teaching School

Target 6

  • Develop academy priorities and apply to start a Kenilworth MAT

Target 7

  • Continue to work towards the new build and prepare the infrastructure for delivery of future teaching and learning