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We are currently accepting applications from schools who wish to run their own Leadership, Equality and Diversity projects. The Department for Education’s equality and diversity fund supports schools to develop local solutions that help teachers from under-represented groups to progress in leadership. We have recently been designated a Lead School to coordinate delivery of multiple school-led projects across the West Midlands.



"Great course, answered all my queries. I’ve got a much clearer understanding of ASP now, many thanks."  Darren Barrow, Headteacher, St Johns Primary School

‘"Coaching allows me time to reflect upon my own practice, which can be rare in the busy day to day life in school. I feel that my coach listens and then helps me to reach a solution rather than just give me answers. This process is enabling me to be more confident when needed to find my own solutions and will be beneficial in the future if/when I am a leader.'" Louise Williams, Women into Leadership 2016-2018.

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