Places offered offered

We offer two routes into teaching through School Direct. One route is School Direct (training), which is unsalaried and is open to all graduates. The course fee for the University of Warwick is £9,250. This includes the award of the PGCE qualification. Tuition fee loans are available to EU and UK candidates. Bursaries are available in some subject areas as well as from some professional institutions. 
Further information can be found at: Department for Education: Getting Into Teaching

The second route is School Direct (salaried). This route is available to graduates who have three years’ or more career experience, either pre or post degree. Schools provide an unqualified teacher’s salary (There is an expectation, for both routes that candidates will attend training at the university prior to the commencement of the academic year). The trainee teacher will be employed by the school for the duration of the course. 
The salaried trainee may be expected to pay the PGCE fees of £2,000 to the University.
The places offered are as follows:


Provider number 241

Subject UCAS code
Maths 2TPN
English 2TPK
Biology 32TK
Chemistry 2TPR
Physics 35HS
Language (German) 35HV

Languages (French)

Languages (Spanish) 35HT
Geography 2TPS
History 2JTH
Art & Design 2TPZ

Physical Education

Religious Education 2TQ4
Drama with English 2TQ3
Design and Technology 35HR
Computer Science 2TPT
Music 2TQ2

Applications are considered initially by us at Kenilworth School and are placed within one of our partner schools according to the vacancies available. Partner schools include: Kenilworth School & Sixth Form, Aylesford School & Sixth Form, Myton School, Campion School & Trinity Catholic School.



Candidates for School Direct places need to apply through the UCAS website, and applications will be processed initially by Kenilworth School and the University of Warwick.

In order to apply for a School Direct place, training or salaried, candidates must apply through the following links.

University of Warwick

Please consider the following prior to applying:

·  Have you had some school experience: voluntary or paid? The UCAS website can give advice about how to organise this.

·   Check the University of Warwick requirements. If you are unsure about whether you meet their requirements, please visit their web-site.

·   Prepare your personal statement carefully. It is important to check this prior to submission. Ensure that it gives your reasons for wanting to teach and your qualifications which make you suitable to do so. Check it for errors of grammar and punctuation, as this initial impression which you are giving the university and the lead school is extremely important.

What happens once YOU have applied?

·  Once you have applied, you will be informed if you have been successful in reaching the next stage of the process.

·   This next stage involves the schools receiving all of the relevant applications, and then making a decision about which candidates they call to interview.

·   If you are successful in reaching this next stage, you will be invited to interview either at Kenilworth School or Sixth Form. 

·  During the interview day, you will be asked to complete a range of tasks, as well as the formal interview, including a literacy based activity and a teaching task with our students.

·  If you are successful at interview, you will be informed by the lead school, UCAS and confirmed by the University once your relevant documentation has been approved.

·   In order to secure your School Direct place, you must pass the numeracy and literacy professional skills tests. More information is available on the UCAS and University of Warwick websites.

For more information please contact Claire Amed, School Direct Co-ordinator,, direct line 01926 513665