The Music Department
The Music departments vision is to ensure that all students can access music, in a way they feel comfortable and be encouraged to make the progress they are capable, each and every lesson.
We don’t just sit at keyboards and play songs – we have a wide selection of percussive instruments, whole class sets of acoustic guitars and ukuleles, and we sing too!

Housed in 3 separate teaching rooms, with a host of practice rooms, the music department have 2 traditional classrooms and 1 music technology studio with recording studio.
Our traditional classrooms house 20 Yamaha PSR-E343 keyboards, a Yamaha Clavinova, and class sets of acoustic guitars and ukuleles.
Our practice rooms also contain Yamaha Clavinovas as well as Yamaha PSR-E343 keyboards. We also have a dedicated Drum Room which houses a Yamaha kit and amplifiers for electric guitars and basses.
Our Music Technology studio has 18 iMacs running OSX El Capitan, Logic Pro X and Sibelius 8.
At our Sixth Form site on Rouncil Lane, we have a further 11 iMacs with running the same OSX and software.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum
Each half termly project we run throughout each year, focuses on the key musical skills of performing, composing and appraising music.
Students are encouraged to bring and use their own instruments as well as being encouraged to use the wider classroom instruments too.
We also operate a rooming rotation system where each Key Stage 3 class has 2 half terms in our Music Technology Suite as well as use of our other teaching rooms.

In Year 7, our projects are: Baseline Testing (theory and performance)  Introduction to Music Technology (in the music technology suite) Pentatonic Composition (in the music technology suite) Ode to Joy and Orchestral Instruments (performing, theory and listening skills), Ukulele Skills (performing skills) and Rhythm and The Elements (performing, composing and appraising).

In Year 8, our projects are: Lean On Me (ensemble performing) Indian Music (composition in the music technology suite) Jungle Boogie (arrangement skills in the music technology suite) See You Again (ensemble performing) Fur Elise (performing skills) and Melody and Chords (composing skills)

In Year 9, our projects are: 7 Years (ensemble performance), Music Through The Ages (musical performance) The Blues (ensemble performing and composition) Club Dance Music (composition in the Music Technology suite), Film Music (composition in the Music Technology suite) and the Band Performance.








Key Stage 4
We are currently running two exam specifications. With our current Year 11 students (examination in 2017) we are following the Edexcel syllabus. Further course information can be found at

Our current Year 10 students (examination in 2018), we are following the Eduqas syllabus. Further course information can be found at
Key Stage 5 
Our current Year 12 students are following the Eduqas AS Music syllabus. Further course information can be found at

Music Technology
With our Year 12 and 13 students, we are following the Edexcel AS and A Level Music Technology syllabus. Further course information can be found at

Extra Curricular.
We provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities within the department.


Registration Time


After School




Nota Bella Girls’ Choir (Open to Year 7-13) in Upper 15



Year 7/8 Boys’ Choir


String Orchestra (Grade 4+) in Upper School Hall


Brass Ensemble (Open to all) in Upper 13


Sixth Form Male Vocals








Jazz Band (Grade 5+ and Year 9-13) in Upper 13



Year 11 Male Choir

Ukulele Club (Open to all) Upper 15

Music Technology Club (Open to all) in Upper 13



Instrumental Tuition
Our instrumental music tuition is provided by Warwickshire Music Hub (formally known as the County Music Service). We have 10 specialist instrumental teachers who visit the school on a weekly basis and provide tuition for Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Percussion and Voice. As the host school for the Central Warwickshire Music Centre, we offer a strong working partnership with Warwickshire Music Hub and as a department we look forward to continuing this partnership into the future.
For further information on the Warwickshire Music Hub, where you can find information about the hire of musical instruments, as well as their ensembles, which a large number of our students contribute to:

The Music department prides itself on the quality of our performances. We perform an Annual Christmas Concert, a Spring Concert and a Summer Chamber Music concert.
In addition to this, we are regularly asked to perform at public events including the Mayor’s Civic Service, Carols at the (Kenilworth) Castle as well as performances in association with Kenilworth Lions.