List of Governors

Co-opted Governors  

Name: Mrs Sue Casey
Chair of Governing Body

I’m Sue Casey and I have been a school governor since 2006; the first five at a primary school and the rest at Kenilworth School and Sixth Form.  I have been Chair of the Resources Committee and am now Chair of the Full Governing Body.  My background is in personnel, financial, contract and administration management.

Term: 01/04/2015 - 31/03/2019

Category: Co-Opted
Appointed: Appointed by FGB

Membership: Resources, Teaching, Learning and Attainment Committee, Pay, HT Performance Review, Site working group, Kenilworth Educational Trust.
Interest: Married to John Casey who is a member of Kenilworth Wardens Council

Mrs Lorraine Smith
Vice Chair of Governing Body

I am Lorraine Smith and have been a school Governor since 2006. Initially at the Primary School where my children attended and since 2011 at Kenilworth School.  I have been Vice Chair of Governors since April 2015.

In my professional life I am a self-employed HR Consultant.  Over the years I have accrued lots of work experience some of which has been within the education sector both in colleges and schools.  I am proud to be able to ‘do my bit’ to support my local school and community.  Volunteering as a Governor can be time consuming and can be challenging at times but it is also very interesting and rewarding.

Term: 01/04/2015 - 31/03/2019
Category: Co-Opted
Appointed:  Appointed by FGB
Membership: Resources, Training & Skills Link, HT Performance Review

Interest: None    

Mrs Gita Patel

SEND/Pupil Premium Governor 

I have lived in Kenilworth since 1997 and been a governor at Kenilworth School since November 2011. Previously I was a governor at my children’s local primary school for 8 years.

I am currently Special Education Needs & Disabilily (SEND) and Pupil Premium (PP) link governor. I have chaired the Curriculum & Standards Committee in the past.

My background is within the public sector in governance, audit, business and personnel management.

Term: 01/04/2015-31/03/2019
Category: Co-opted

Appointed: Appointed by FGB

Membership: Teaching, Learning and Attainment Committee, Pay Committee, HT Performance Review
Interest: Director of Healthwatch Warwickshire

Mr Phil Morris

My name is Phil Morris and I became a governor in October 2015.  I have over 25 years' business experience, primarily in managing projects and programmes across a wide range of disciplines.  I'm keen to apply my skills and experience to help the school meet its objectives within the current resource constraints.  I live and work locally and have two sons at Kenilworth schools.

Term: 08/10/2015 - 07/10/2019
Category: Co-Opted
Appointed: Appointed by FGB
Membership: Resources
Interest: None

Name: Mr Richard Hales 

I have lived in Kenilworth since 1987 and have been involved as a governor since 2012. I am involved as a Town Councillor and also Chair of the local Chamber of Trade and I bring my commercial skills to the Governing body.

Term: 01/04/2015 - 31/03/2019
Category: Co-Opted
Appointed: Appointed by FGB
Membership: Resources, Site Working group
Interest: Kenilworth Town Councillor, Council member 
at Kenilworth matters


Mr Richard Ward

Health and Safety Governor 

I have lived in Kenilworth for 25 years and became a governor at Kenilworth School in October 2015.

My children are going through or have been through the Kenilworth School System .

With 25 years business experience I am looking forward to aiding the governing body to reach all of its current and future objectives,

Term: 08/10/2015 - 08/10/2019
Category: Co-Opted
Appointed: Appointed by FGB
Membership: Resources
Interest: None

Dr Kathryn Parsons

Hi.  My name is Kathryn Parsons and I am a co-opted Governor who also happens to work at the school.  I am a teacher of English and although I teach across all the Key Stages I am based at the sixth form centre and am the school's Higher Education Co-ordinator.  As well as my knowledge of the English curriculum and higher education provision I am passionate about the many benefits of comprehensive schooling and how it should enable very student to achieve as highly as they can in all aspects of school life.

Term: 01/04/2015 - 31/03/2019
Category: Co-Opted
Appointed: Appointed by FGB
Membership: Teaching Learning and Attainment Committee
Interest: Teacher at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form

Parent Governors  

Mrs Kelly Milburn

Child Protection Governor

New to the role of parent governor, I am excited at the prospect of supporting the governors at Kenilworth School to continue with their good work of strategic support of education for our children.  Over the years I have enjoyed supporting and participating in primary and secondary school PTA events.  My own career and further study has brought me closer to education in the last 10 years, as I now work as a lecturer/tutor for Coventry University and Coventry University College alongside freelance development work within organisations.

Term: 14/10/2015 - 13/10/2019
Category: Parent
Appointed: Elected by Parents
Membership: Teaching, Learning and Attainment Committee
Interest: Works at Coventry University College



LA Governors  

Mrs Fiona Pethwick

Chair of Teaching, Learning and Attainment Committee 

I am Fiona Pethick.  I became the Local Authority Governor in October 2015. I have lived in Kenilworth for nearly twenty years and my three grown up children all attended Kenilworth School. Over the years, I have enjoyed participating in many local youth and community activities, particularly through Girl Guiding and Kenilworth Methodist Church. I currently run my own consultancy business, having left full time employment in the civil service at the end of 2014. Latterly, I worked for Ofqual, the qualifications regulator. I am pleased now to have the opportunity to use my skills and experience to support Kenilworth School as a governor.

Term: 12/10/2015 - 11/10/2019
Category: LA
Appointed: Appointed by Local Authority
Membership: Teaching, Learning and Attainment Committee
Interest: None

Trust Governors  
Mrs Shirley Whiting

Chair of Kenilworth Educational Trust, Chair of Site Working Group

I have been a Governor at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form for over six years. I was Chair of Governors for two years and latterly I have been Chair of the Kenilworth Education Trust and Chair of the Site Working Group.  My background is in accounting and marketing and PR. My three children have all been educated at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form.

Term: 16/09/2014 - 15/09/2018
Category: trust
Appointed: Appointed by Kenilworth Educational Trust

Membership: Teaching, Learning and Attainment Committee, Kenilworth Educational Trust, Site Working Group

Interest: Committee member Kenilworth Tennis, Squash & Croquet club and a member of Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce.  Husband is elected member of Warwick District Council.  




Staff Governors  
Mr Hayden Abbott

Term: 31/03/2008 - Ongoing
Category: Head
Appointed: Governing Body
Membership: TLA, Resources, Site Working Group, Kenilworth Educational Trust
Interest: Headteacher at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form
Mr Gary Rafferty

I am an elected staff governor.  I have been a Mathematics teacher at Kenilworth School for over a decade and, as such, bring a teacher and pupil focussed outlook to the governing body. I firmly believe in the school at the heart of a community and advocate an ethical approach to business practice. I also have a keen eye for numbers on budget sheets or school performance data. 

Term: 24/02/2015 - 23/02/2019
Category: Staff
Appointed: Elected By Staff
Membership: Resources
Interest: Teacher at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form

Clerk to the Governors  
Mrs. Sara Dunn