Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (6th Form)

A very busy resource, the LRC is accessible to students throughout the school day for quiet study and research.  It opens at 8:45am and closes at 3:30pm daily.

The LRC houses over 7,000 quality, relevant and up to date books supporting all areas of the curriculum, hobbies and leisure interests and a wide selection of fiction titles.  Resources available comprise print and online; books, periodicals, international magazines, national and local newspapers.  Computers are available with print and photocopying facilities.

New students are given an induction to help them to locate and use the resources.  The LRC is staffed by a qualified librarian and two Learning Resource Assistants.

Information and research skills lessons are available to create awareness of intellectual property laws; plagiarism issues and copyright infringement.  Supporting information is available on the school VLE together with information on digital literacy and digital citizenship.

You can access the Learning Resource Centre online catalogue at anytime from anywhere:



You can also follow the LRC activities via the VLE: https://frog.ksn.org.uk/app/os

Contact us: lrc@ksnadmin.ksn.org.uk or a.egbuji@ksnadmin.ksn.org.uk


LRC Annual Report 2015-16