Careers Advice

Our Careers provision is very robust and covers the following aspects:

  • Assist Year 9 with Option choices
  • Assist and support Year 11 with their Post 16 options – College, Apprenticeship, 6th Form.
  • Help with Post 18 options: – Degree Apprenticeships, University, Employment.
  • Run Careers Events, Workshops, Employability skills programmes
  • Coordinate Work Experience – Year 11 and Year 12.
  • Launch of our Unifrog careers platform – currently launched to Year 12. Launching to Year 11 in September 2019.
  • Employability skills – CV’s, application form completion, mock interviews, exploring the ‘hidden job market’.
  • Keeping up with Labour market information
  • Advertising vacancies from local employers.
  • Raising Career aspiration and motivating students to achieve their goals.


Careers news

We have a Careers Fair coming up on the 21st November 2019.  There will be a range of employers, colleges and training providers.  This will be of great benefit to Year 9 choosing their option and Year 11 choosing their A Levels.

Another exciting event is our Leadership programme, running in October 2019. This is aimed at Years 12/13 who are undecided as to their future pathway or who are embarking on a Degree Apprenticeship. The programme is being run in conjunction with Three Hands and Network Rail.


Unifrog has been launched to our Year 12’s. We launched it at the beginning of 2019 and it has been a great success amongst our now current Year 13’s.