About Kenilworth School

About Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

Kenilworth School is the lead school for The Kenilworth Partnership.  Judged outstanding in all categories in 2013, we are proud of our school of distinction, recognised nationally and internationally for innovative, high quality education and excellent examination results;  a school which inspires all of our young people to  achieve  more than they ever thought possible, and provides diverse opportunities which awaken in our students a passion for learning and the development of individual character  and self-worth.

Our school is at the heart of the community, serving the needs of all young people living in Kenilworth, and acting as a hub for community learning.  We share a site with a number of local sports clubs, a cadet facility and, as we are located in close proximity to the Kenilworth Centre, we provide extended opportunities for our young people to partake in vocational experience and community work outside of the traditional learning environment endorsing the school’s commitment to social inclusion. 

Our Partnership of ten schools can offer rich and varied experiences to trainees looking to develop their professional skills in a variety of contexts. Having developed close working relationships over many years, our Partnership schools, all successful in their own right, understand each other well and this helps us to draw on our different strengths and tailor training to suit individual needs. Working with Warwick University, The Kenilworth Partnership offers a rigorous and challenging programme to trainees who want to be the best.

Our students have a global awareness and a social conscience that drives them to make a difference to the lives of others less fortunate in their local community and to the world at large. The use of new technology provides opportunities for our young people to explore new areas of knowledge beyond the classroom, connects them to others living far afield and helps nurture a sense of tolerance and community cohesion. Our students understand the concept of the global village and their part in it. They follow an enriched curriculum and contribute to community activities which develop leadership, be it volunteering to help the elderly in Kenilworth or charity fund-raising for our partner village in Tanzania.  At aged 18 students recognise that their achievements surpass what is measurable in examination results; the opportunity to lead and contribute to community events and fund-raising activities to enrich the lives of others. 

Our curriculum offers our young people the tools to develop their self-expression and knowledge.  Learning how to learn and students leading learning allows our students to see connections across subjects and understand the transferability of skills in the world around them.   Deep learning through high quality teaching and experiential learning results in resilient and resourceful young people.  Older and younger students work closely together and this provides further leadership experience for students as ambassadors, mentors, young leaders and coaches.   Learning is at the heart of all that we do, and we aim to personalise the curriculum depending on the ability, needs and wishes of each learner.

An involved programme of IAG is developed at the start of key stage 3, with effective primary- secondary transition. Our school develops a curriculum that is ‘fit for purpose’ and appropriate for the needs of all individuals based on an understanding of the academic and personal strengths of each young person. We motivate each student to succeed in whatever route they choose beyond compulsory education; higher education, training or employment. Adults in our community are passionate and go the extra mile- their commitment, expertise and knowledge as well as their collaboration with other colleges and universities give our young people some of the best opportunities possible. The enhanced relationships that we have with the local, national and international business community help students and teachers alike to develop life-long skills. Our school embraces the contributions of parents, business professionals and other adults, working in partnership with teachers, to provide inspirational experiences for our students in the classroom, the workplace and the outdoors. 

Our teachers inspire our students to develop a life-long passion for learning and the drive to succeed when they leave school. They put the students first and fully subscribe to the values and ethos of our school. They are all highly qualified specialists who are committed to their continuing professional development. Our teachers and trainees have access to a wide ranging programme of continuing professional development, which is co-ordinated across the ten schools of the Kenilworth Partnership, bringing experience of the very best practice to bear on their training.